With BackDeck Safaris, you are able to create your own Africa experience as you have always imagined it would be. We are here to help you turn your unique dreams of Africa into a one-of-a-kind authentic experience.

If you are ready for this journey and Africa is calling your name, allow us to partner with you in designing your custom package.

Let’s make your dreams a living experience.

…getting up close and personal with a herd of elephants

…waking up to the howling of wild dogs, reminding you that you are no longer dreaming but LIVING your AFRICAN EXPERIENCE

…sipping on a traditional gin and tonic while the sun slips away over the plains

… listening to the shaking maracas song of the cicada under the heat of the African sun

 falling captive to the glistening ripples of sunlight over the water as a bloat of hippos reveal themselves from the depths of the river

… the numinous experience of tracking the alpha lioness on her hunt knowing her cubs are tucked away safe not too far

… the rasping roar of a full bellied lion as he surveys his kingdom and readies for his afternoon siesta


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